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Fossil fuels shortage, on the one side, wind turbines, electric vehicle prototypes, and solar power, on the other. While this might sound like an argument raised by an
environmentalist group or a modern sustainability company, it isn’t. These were the views Thomas Edison expressed just under a century ago. The tectonic shift that makes the clean energy sector one of the fastest-growing in the global economy, attracting significant institutional and retail investor interest, is driven by several notable reasons.

Energy Tracker Asia’s new research report, ‘5 Shifts That Define The Increased Investment Interest in Renewable Energy 2021″ explores why renewable energy investments are on the rise: 

  • Substantial room for future growth 
  • High yield and better risk-adjusted returns
  • Job creation and economic growths
  • The cheapest source of energy, with the most stable price
  • A cradle of innovation 

Download the full report above to learn more about renewable energy investments in Asia, and what this means for financiers looking for opportunities.