Greenwashing Examples 2024: Top 10 Greenwashing Companies

With a global push underway to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fight climate change, the...

Renewable Energy in Bangladesh – Current Trends and Future Opportunities

Renewable energy in Bangladesh is a sector with vast room for growth. As of 2024,...

Ocean Fertilisation: The New Way to Combat Climate Change?

Ocean fertilisation is the process of adding macronutrients to stimulate algae growth in the ocean. Algae utilise carbon in the ocean to perform photosynthesis. This process increases the quantity of carbon dioxide the ocean absorbs from the atmosphere. However, the technology is still under research, and there are currently several associated environmental concerns, like harmful algal blooms.

Forest Plantation: Social, Environmental and Climate Impacts

Forest plantations are used to reforest areas that have previously been deforested, typically for the production of raw materials. Forest plantations generally have one or two tree species and do not mimic natural forests. As a result, they are not a direct solution to deforestation and lead to several harmful environmental impacts.

The Role of Coal in Asia

Transitioning away from coal won’t be easy, nor will it happen overnight. However, it is necessary and has to start now. Fortunately, developing Asia has all the means to ensure that this transition is fair, just and efficient.

Gas Deals at COP27 Egypt: All You Need To Know

There is a feeling that COP27 did more for fossil fuels than clean energy. However, convinced of the benefits of the latter, some Asian countries are actively progressing towards a more sustainable, cost-efficient and resilient energy system.

COP27 Egypt and the Outlook For Natural Gas in Asia

COP27 has shown that while gas won't be going away soon, its faith is already determined. And Asian countries should be aware of that.

COP27: The Cost of Failing To Meet the Paris Agreement

Climate finance is one of the focal points of CO27, and it has historically been a challenging topic to make progress on. However, agreeing on funding, particularly for developing countries, is crucial for the world to align with the Paris Agreement target of staying below 1.5 degrees of warming. The world is already feeling the economic and social impacts of climate change, which will only increase with rising temperatures.

COP27 Finance Day: Expectations and Outcomes

COP27's Finance Day didn't exactly provide many reasons for excitement. It ended with more promises than actual progress, showing a lack of solidarity with vulnerable nations, especially from the world's biggest polluters.

Climate Negotiations Agenda at COP27 2022

Leaders at COP27 should look at climate change as a way to foster geopolitical stability and unite the disjointed world powers to overcome the energy, food and climate crises.

COP27 Egypt and the Road to Net-Zero

COP27 shouldn't be yet another conference where promises are broken without consequences. Instead, it should be the stage where global leaders start making actual progress in protecting the most vulnerable to climate change.

COP27 Priorities: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Mitigation is critical to minimise the risk of climate change's worst impacts, but failing to fund adaptation will take a toll on the most vulnerable. Both aspects should be priorities for COP27.

A Push For Loss and Damage Finance at COP27

Loss and damage severely threaten the human rights of affected people, communities and future generations in vulnerable countries. Loss and damage is a climate justice issue. It is causing unprecedented human suffering around the world. This is a strong enough reason for developed countries to act, and COP27 will be the best stage to bring this to the forefront.

Climate Change Impacts Are Worsening in 2022 and COP27 and G20 Leaders Need to Respond

A new study reveals the massive proportion of climate disasters all across the world, proving that no country is safe from climate change's impacts. Climate financing for mitigation, adaptation and loss and damage should be central to the COP27 and G20 meeting agendas later this year.

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