Four Reasons to Allocate Public Funds to Low-carbon Sector

Out with the old, and in with the new. Find out why fossil fuels are going out of date, and why low-carbon and renewable alternatives are here to stay.

Carbon Intensive Industry amidst COVID-19 Recovery Plans

Global COVID-19 recovery plans may pose a risk to global advancements for a sustainable future, as stimulus to carbon-intensive industries so far is estimated to be at least 12 times greater than for low-carbon sectors.

Green Stimulus Potential as a Response to COVID-19 Economic Impacts

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South Korea Puts ‘Green New Deal’ at Center of COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Plan

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Renewable Energy at the Heart of ‘Recovering Better’ Post-Covid

Lead economists from the University of Oxford suggest that green stimulus spending on projects such as renewables will deliver higher returns on government spending.

Australia could soon export solar energy to Asia through a 3,800km cable

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Impact of Covid-19 Crisis on Asia’s Coal

Asia's coal industry is facing major delays and losses during the COVID-19 pandemic.