As the world tries to hit net-zero goals by 2030, many financiers are now divesting from coal-related projects in order to safeguard their reputation and avoid having stranded assets in their portfolios.

Yet while Europe and the United States are moving closer to retiring coal-fired plants, many governments and companies in Asia are still supporting the development of new coal projects.

Energy Tracker Asia’s new research report, ‘The Risks of Investing in Coal Projects in a Carbon Neutrality-Seeking World” explores the barriers in Asia to global net-zero goals, honing in on the risks attached to coal-investments:

  • The reputational and health risks facing investors in coal projects
  • The economic case for moving away from coal and towards renewable energy
  • Why countries in Asia are vulnerable to the effects of climate change and how coal investments undermine resiliency

Download the full report above to learn more about energy policies in Asia, barriers to coal divestment, and what the global decline of coal means for financiers linked to risky investments.