LNG Expansion in the Philippines Harms Communities and Coral – Podcast


LNG Expansion in the Philippines Harms Communities and Coral – Podcast

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10 September 2023 – by ETA Editorial   Comments (0)

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Energy Insights speaks with Liza Osorio from Oceana in the Philippines about the impacts of LNG development on marine ecosystems and communities nearby gas plants. Liza is an environmental lawyer and is the legal policy director of Oceana, Philippines.

She is also a professor at the University of Cebu School of Law. She was elected the first Asian Chairperson of the International Union for Conservation of Nature Academy of Environmental Law between 2019 and 2023. She has also been involved in several environmental cases in the Philippines, including landmark cases that dealt with the rights of marine animals and the halting of illegal oil drilling and exploration in marine protected areas.

We discussed many topics, including how LNG developments affect marine ecosystems and fishing communities, how much LNG development is occurring near the Verde Island Passage marine ecosystem, the risks of increased shipping, why gas is becoming a more prominent energy source in the Philippines and other topics.

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