Elections in Asia 2022 and Their Effect on the Region

The recent elections in South Korea, Australia and the Philippines have helped paint a picture of the region's net-zero journey. While the new leaders of the three countries have announced some ambitious goals, the overall sense is that more could be done, considering the vast renewable energy potential of the region.

The Economic Cost of Climate Inaction for Asia

Climate inaction will not only cause environmental damage, but it will also lead to loss of livelihoods, as well as migration and direct economic costs. Countries have long been brushing the problem under the carpet. However, its consequences are now proving to be devastating, especially to the most vulnerable.

Renewable Energy

A Guide To Renewable Energy Salaries [2022]

Renewable energy salaries are rising as renewable technology is adopted and countries work to decarbonise their energy systems. This trend will likely continue, with the potential for a significant labour shortage and skill gap. The upcoming decades are a make or break period for the Paris Climate Agreement. Data shows that the renewable energy industry is a growing opportunity for job seekers looking to help countries achieve their decarbonisation targets.

Labour Climate Change Policy 2022 in Australia – Ambitious, but Facing Lots of Challenges

Australia is on the receiving end of the harshest impacts of climate change. The IPCC says Australia is racing towards a future of similar or even worse disasters. Labours new climate policy offers hope.

Fossil Fuel

Vietnam’s Block B Gas Project – the Potential Impact on the Involved Parties

Vietnam has a vast potential for wind and solar power. Yet, the country pushes ahead with plans like the Block B gas project. In a world of highly-unpredictable gas prices where the end goal is net-zero, such a step can prove costly for all parties involved.

The Philippines’ Climate Policies and the Priorities for the New President

The new president and his administration will have to lead the Philippines through one of the most critical moments in the battle against climate change. Considering how much is at stake for the island country, the new leadership should pursue ambitious climate policies that abandon fossil fuels and prioritise renewables.


Power Crisis in India – Picking up the Pieces After the Heatwave

India’s poorest communities are still reeling from the intense heatwave that recently enveloped the country. At the same time, infrastructure assets are struggling to cope with this climatic upheaval. What could be the way out?

Technological Innovation Examples: A Balancing Act for Climate Impact

Technology plays an important role in dictating how the world develops. It has helped humans advance, and it exists across all industries. However, innovations that exploit the environment do come with consequences. We are still looking for a balance between innovation, sustainability and progress. But, time is running out.


01. Should the G7 Invest In Gas Again?

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