Tripling Renewable Energy Capacity Is Possible, But 2023 Didn’t Help

Despite the record clean energy capacity additions in 2023, leading agencies and market analysts warn that the world is falling short of the trajectory required for a 1.5°C-aligned scenario. Can the G7 and G20 take action to help us change course?

Hydropower Reliance Is Risky for Asia

Scientists and experts warn that hydropower over-reliance can expose Asian countries to economic, environmental, social and energy security risks. However, hydropower can unlock various gains in a solar and wind-led energy transition.

Renewable Energy

How To Sell Carbon Credits

Selling carbon credits is a critical part of the credit lifecycle. It provides a pathway for carbon sequestration projects to generate income, allowing further carbon offset development and incentivising market growth. The voluntary carbon credit market is expected to increase substantially in the coming decade.

Embrace Solar Power and Beat Heatwaves

Amid scientists’ warnings that heatwaves will become more common and severe, solar power is proving a saving grace by helping reduce emissions and ensuring reliable and affordable energy when power systems crumble under the increased demand.

Fossil Fuel

ASEAN Energy Transition: The Role of LNG

While the oil and gas industry insists that LNG demand will continue growing in upcoming decades mainly due to the economic growth of China and Southeast Asian countries, market experts and analysts claim the opposite, stressing the fuel's energy security and environmental, economic and geopolitical risks.

India’s 2024 Election and the Role of Renewable Energy – Podcast

We speak with Sunil Dahiya, at the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) about renewable energy and the Indian election 2024.


Environmental Pollution in Japan – Impacts and Future

Pollution is a global issue that all countries are working to tackle, and Japan is no different. Japan has a long history of pollution-related health impacts and subsequent regulatory reforms. However, ongoing pollution is still a significant concern that needs to be addressed.

Japanese Banks Pour Billions Into Fossil Fuel Industry

Analysts warn that the continued fossil fuel support from the Japanese financial industry, showcased by the actions of various banks, insurance companies, asset owners and asset managers, is enabled by loose policies or loopholes. Fixing them is critical for addressing the climate crisis.


Is Tripling Renewable Capacity Possible? – Podcast

Energy Insights speaks with Liming Qiao, the Asia Director at the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) about tripling renewable energy capacity.

Women and the Just Energy Transition – Podcast

Energy Insights speaks with Farwa Aamer about women and the just energy transition. Farwa is the director of South Asia Initiatives at the Asia Society Policy Institute.

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