How to Decarbonise Transport: A Challenging But Realistic Mission

Decarbonising the transport sector will be challenging, especially in the air and maritime segments. However, progress in road transport shows that bringing technical, commercial and scalability barriers is possible if there is strong policy support.

Greenwashing on the Agenda at Japan Energy Summit 2024

The Japan Energy Summit, held recently, included sessions on pioneering innovative energy technologies and accelerating decarbonisation in its agenda. Unfortunately, these sessions pushed fossil fuel narratives instead.

Renewable Energy

S. Korea’s Offshore Wind Potential and Getting Locals Onside – Podcast

Energy Insights speaks with Mark Hutchinson, the director and chair of the Southeast Asia Task Force at the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

Can Green Hydrogen Decarbonise Asia?

Hydrogen has long been promised as a clean fuel source with the potential to aid in transitioning away from fossil fuels. A recent report by the High-level Policy Commission on Getting Asia to Net Zero and the Asia Society Policy Institute highlights how green hydrogen could help decarbonise global steel production in Asia's major economies. Green hydrogen could have a significant impact in this prime sector.

Fossil Fuel

A Recap on the G7 Climate Commitments in 2024 – Podcast

In this episode of Energy Insights, we recap the G7's climate commitments and the G7 environment ministers' meeting in Turin, Italy.

High Costs and Renewables Surge Weaken Asian Gas Demand Forecasts  

Long-term gas demand growth forecasts are starting to show signs of weakness due to energy security issues, national decarbonisation goals and the continuously decreasing costs of renewables.


Climate Change Laws And Policies In The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most at-risk countries for climate impacts. As a result, the country has implemented laws and policies to implement climate mitigation and adaptation into its core processes. However, these policies must be updated and enforced to create long-term change.

Heat Wave in Pakistan 2024: A Scorching Reality

Near-record temperatures have led to an extended heat wave in Pakistan in 2024. This follows several other record-setting heat waves over the last decade. Climate change is exacerbating this issue and highlights the urgent need for more decisive climate action.


A Recap on the G7 Climate Commitments in 2024 – Podcast

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon and Others In this episode of Energy Insights, we recap the G7’s climate commitments...

Is Tripling Renewable Capacity Possible?

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon and Others Energy Insights speaks with Liming Qiao, the Asia Director at the Global...

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