Japan’s G7 Fossil Fuel Push – Podcast


Japan’s G7 Fossil Fuel Push – Podcast

12 May 2023 – by ETA Editorial

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We speak with Susanne Wong and talk about the upcoming G7 Summit in Hiroshima and go over issues related to Japan’s insistence on seeing more investments in gas-related infrastructure, the recent G7 energy ministers meeting that took place in Sapporo in the run up to the G7, Japan’s foreign energy policy and its impacts on Southeast Asian countries, the problems with an over-reliance of gas for countries like Bangladesh where Japan is now supporting its energy development, and other topics.

Susanne is the Asia Program Manager at research, communication and advocacy organisation, Oil Change International, and she works with an international and Japanese-led coalition in pressuring the Japanese government to change course on fossil fuels. Previously, Susanne worked on issues and campaigns that affected communities by mega projects in marginalised countries and regions from Laos to the United States.

LinkedIn: Susanne Wong
Twitter: @susanneir
Oil Change International Twitter: @priceofoil

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