Southeast Asia’s Renewable Energy Potential and Growth Challenges – Podcast


Southeast Asia’s Renewable Energy Potential and Growth Challenges – Podcast

11 July 2024 – by Win Myat Ko Ko

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In this episode of Energy Insights, we speak with Janna Smith about all things renewables growth, challenges and opportunities in Southeast Asia. Topics include Southeast Asia’s renewables potential, where countries are doing well, what countries are leading and the challenges associated with accelerating clean energy growth in the region.

Janna Smith is a solar and wind researcher with Global Energy Monitor and the lead author of the organization’s latest Race to the Top: Southeast Asia report. She has a master’s in defence and development from the University of Durham and has researched Southeast Asia for the past two years. She continues to work at Global Energy Monitor as the primary researcher for solar and wind development in Southeast Asia and North Sea countries.

Web: Global Energy Monitor

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