COP28’s Implications on Fossil Fuels and Climate Finance – Podcast


COP28’s Implications on Fossil Fuels and Climate Finance – Podcast

31 December 2023 – by ETA Editorial   Comments (0)

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In this episode of Energy Insights, we speak with Ulka Kelkar. Ulka is the Executive Director of Climate at the World Resources Institute India. She is an economist with 24 years’ experience in climate change research, outreach, and capacity building.

Ulka works on low-carbon development pathways, sub-national climate action, and just transitions in small industry. Previously, she worked on climate change at the Asian Development Bank and has been involved in projects with several organisations that have worked on issues across India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal.

Ulka’s research has also appeared in journals such as the Annual Review of Environment and Resources, Global Environmental Change, and Climate Policy, and Mitigation & Adaptation Strategies for Global Change.

Topics included the recently concluded COP28 climate conference in the UAE’s Dubai, including the controversy surrounding the appointment of Sultan Al-Jaber as the conference’s president, the final adopted text that referred to transitioning away from fossil fuels, the new loss and damage fund, climate finance, and other topics.

Twitter: @UlkaKelkar
Web: World Resources Institute | Ulka Kelkar

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