9. Carbon Offsets: Can We Buy Our Way Out of Climate Change?

Carbon offsets are divisive at best. We take a look into how they work, their...

8. Is South Korea’s Energy Plan Enough for Net-zero?

Energy Insights hosts Joojin Kim, founder and CEO of Solutions for Our Climate.

07. What Are Just Energy Transition Partnerships?

Energy Insights analyses Indonesia's new Just Energy Transition Partnership.

06. Asia’s Energy Price Crisis and Political Upheaval

Energy Insights analyses the energy price crisis and its links to political upheaval across Asia.

05. How High Gas Prices Are Constricting Asia

Energy Insights hosts Gerry Arances, founder and Executive Director at the Centre for Energy, Ecology...

04. India, Loss and Damage and COP27 – Podcast

Energy Insights hosts Ulka Kelkar, the Director of the Climate Program at the World Resources...

03. Can Australia Become a Climate Champion? – Podcast

Energy Insights hosts Richie Merzian, Director of Climate and Energy at the Australia Institute.

02. Sri Lanka’s Fuel and Net-zero Crisis – Podcast

Energy Insights hosts Hemantha Withanage, Chair of Friends of the Earth International.

01. Should the G7 Invest In Gas Again? – Podcast

Energy Insights hosts Friederike Roder, the Vice President of Global Advocacy at Global Citizen.

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