Three Tips for Being Responsible Electric Car Owners


Three Tips for Being Responsible Electric Car Owners

28 April 2022 – by Elizabeth Long   Comments (0)

Buying an electric car is a popular way of positively impacting the environment. After years of using fossil fuels, drivers are finally starting to take a stand against carbon emissions. Research has shown that road vehicles account for around 75% of all carbon emissions from the transport industry. In addition to this, the transport industry itself accounts for around one-fifth of all global carbon emissions. Therefore, any effort to reduce these carbon impacts would be a good decision.

Top 3 Tips for Electric Car Owners

Buying an electric car can be a great first step. However, you can make an even bigger difference by developing certain habits to improve your impact on the environment.

1. Ensure the Car Covers All Your Needs

You need a car that fits your family, carries all your stuff, and takes you where you need to go. If you have a large family and own pets, you’re likely to need a big vehicle. If you commute regularly and cover long distances, you need a car that will not lose charge along the way. Therefore, you need to ask yourself, does my dream electric car tick all the boxes?

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of driving an electric sports car. However, owning a sleek two-seater piece of futuristic automotive excellence may not agree with your familial obligations. If that’s the case, you may resort back to using your old petrol-fueled family car most of the time. Making sure that your electric car is as practical as possible to use means that you’re more likely to ditch your petrol car altogether. 

2. Choose Renewable Sources of Energy

Buying an electric car is a great environmental decision. But, you can make an even bigger impact by choosing a renewable energy tariff. Or additionally, you could install solar panels at your home. 

A renewable energy tariff lets your energy supplier put more green units into the energy supply mix rather than those from fossil fuels. Although installing solar panels at your home may be the only way to supply your car directly with green energy, opting for a renewable tariff will increase the number of green units in the overall supply.

3. Invest in an Electric Car With Ample Battery Size

One key advantage of petrol cars is that you’ll reach your destination without running out of fuel, as there are so many fuel stations around. In contrast, electric vehicles can’t provide similar reassurance. 66% of drivers say they are reluctant to buy an electric car because they are worried about the battery range. 

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any electric cars suitable for your needs. For example, a small electric vehicle can be sufficient if you usually cover shorter distances. Or it could be useful if you live in an area with ample fast-charging stations. 

Another solution would be to invest in an electric car with a large battery capacity. The vehicle might have a higher initial cost. But, it will save you from ever getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. It also means that you’re less likely to avoid taking your electric car because you’re worried about running out of charge.


Elizabeth Long has a degree in English Language and is a writer focusing on everything sustainability-related to help give readers insights and take-home pointers that they can act on in their own lives.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Energy Tracker Asia.

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