Will Indonesia’s New Government Support the Energy Transition?


Will Indonesia’s New Government Support the Energy Transition?

Energy Insights speaks with Afu Utami on the Indonesian presidential election and the new government's energy policy and voters thoughts.

29 February 2024 – by ETA Editorial   Comments (3)

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Energy Insights speaks with Afu Utami about the recent Indonesian elections and energy policy in one of Asia’s fastest-growing countries.

Afu is one of the founders of the technology-based political education movement Bijak Pemilu. This initiative aims to encourage voters to become politically engaged and educated, and it won the MIT Solve Global Competition in 2023.

Afu is also the founder and CEO of Think Policy, an organization that aims to encourage policy ecosystem improvement and innovation in public policy in Indonesia. It also supports the general public to understand public policy in an accessible way through an evidence-based approach.

Prior to these roles, Afu served as an environmental economist at the World Bank and a researcher at the World Resources Institute. She has also collaborated with the Indonesian government on several projects, including those related to energy and ecosystem management.

Topics include the recent Indonesian elections and the subsequent energy policies of the new incoming government, Indonesia’s coal use, nickel processing facilities, China’s influence, how young voters are perceiving the government’s energy policies and environmental issues in Indonesia and how voters are responding to current challenges and changes in Indonesia’s energy and political landscape.

X (Twitter): @Afutami

LinkedIn: Afu Utami

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