Energy Price Crisis Asia

The Future of Natural Gas In Asia

The future of natural gas in the Asia-Pacific region was the focal point of a workshop sponsored jointly by the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East...

Bangladesh’s Energy Scenario in 2023

Energy Scenario of Bangladesh 2023 The energy scenario of Bangladesh will determine how the Asian...

Solar Energy In Bangladesh: Current Status and Future

There is significant potential for solar energy in Bangladesh. Not only is the low-lying country...

The Power Sector in Bangladesh Is Slowing Its Economic Growth

The power sector in Bangladesh suffered a significant blow in October 2022. The country experienced...


9. Carbon Offsets: Can We Buy Our Way Out of Climate Change?

Carbon offsets are divisive at best. We take a look into how they work, their promises and the challenges they...

8. Is South Korea’s Energy Plan Enough for Net-zero?

Energy Insights hosts Joojin Kim, founder and CEO of Solutions for Our Climate.

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