COP27 Finance Day: It Disappoints as Pledges Hard to Come By

Pledges at Finance Day of COP27 remained thin on the ground with a lack of collective spirit between countries. Also underwhelming was the joint update on the Paris alignment by MDBs, which lacked any mention of fossil fuel phase-out.

COP27: Should You Worry about Climate Change Adaptation?

Pakistan’s floods have taken a truly devastating toll – around 1,700 people have lost their lives, more than 33 million have been displaced and economic damage is estimated at $40 billion. The most vulnerable countries are on the frontline of climate change, with weak existing infrastructure and poverty compounding the impacts of extreme weather. The world has a great range of potential solutions in its adaptation toolbox. Early warning systems, nature-based solutions and future-proofed infrastructure can be combined to create a more resilient world. The missing element is the political will to raise the sums needed to help developing countries tackle this. 

COP27: K-Pop Fans Call on Global Leaders to Take Bolder Climate Action

In line with COP27’s youth day, fan-driven climate platform KPOP4PLANET has revealed new data showing that K-pop fans worldwide had reduced up to 28,000 tons of CO2 from the Earth by planting 113,824 trees over the past ten years.

G20 Nations Are Committing Billions More to Fossil Fuels – Price of Oil Report

The deadline for the end of global public fossil fuel financing is quickly approaching. Yet, many G20 countries and leading MDBs and DFIs continue pouring billions into coal, oil and gas, widely ignoring renewables. The COP27 and G20 meetings will give financiers a stage to explain why.

COP27: What are Global Leaders Saying at the UN Climate Summit 2022?

UN Secretary-General Guterres calls out on the fossil fuel sector in at COP27 Finance Day, saying that "using bogus net-zero pledges to cover up massive fossil fuel expansion is reprehensible."

Types of Hydrogen: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

There are three main types of hydrogen that are categorised based on the production method and type of energy input.

COP27: Leaders Call For Rapid Climate Finance

In a year when $100bn has been mobilised to help Ukraine defend itself from Russia’s attack, the lack of climate and development finance will seem galling to many in the developing world. UN Secretary General Guterres is calling for a "climate solidarity pact" and urging G20 leaders to agree to debt-swaps or similar mechanisms for middle-income countries battling the high costs of climate impacts.

COP27: Loss and Damage On COP Agenda For First Time

While loss and damage has made it to the agenda for COP27, it is still just an agenda item and not a deal. Further challenges lie ahead.

The Pros and Cons of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is slowly improving, and many climate experts predict it will have a critical role to play in the global energy transition. This comes at a time when the pros of green hydrogen are starting to outweigh the cons, and several industries see hydrogen fuel cells as a viable way to decarbonise. As more investment flows into production and governments provide incentives, green hydrogen production costs will continue to fall.

Electricity Price Hikes in the Philippines

The filed petition for a temporary adjustment to the 2019 power supply agreements by SMC and Meralco and its rejection by the regulator are yet more indications of the importance of proper risk management and the drawbacks of relying on fossil fuels in a net-zero-chasing world.

Is Hydrogen Renewable?

Hydrogen is an energy-dense fuel that will play an essential role in the world's future energy mix. However, not all hydrogen is created equal, and as of 2022, most of the hydrogen produced is not made using renewable energy. The world needs further investment into green hydrogen technologies to drive down production costs, making large-scale adoption feasible.

Hydrogen Uses in Everyday Life

While hydrogen is a potential renewable energy option, adoption remains relatively low, and costs remain high. Will innovation drive costs down and see hydrogen use spike?

Australia: Carbon Emissions, Pacific Island Nations and COP27

Australia’s carbon emissions and controversial stance on fossil fuels have put it in a sticky situation with Pacific Island nations. Will the world’s sixth largest country demonstrate climate leadership at COP27 and help save the Pacific’s fragile states?

What Is India’s COP27 Agenda?

Fed up with paying the price for the damage it didn’t cause, India’s COP27 participation will largely focus on securing compensation for climate change impacts. The country has even set this as a condition for delivering on its climate commitments. Could India finally get climate justice for itself and other developing nations?

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