3 Ways AI Can Stop Climate Change

Can powerful AI and computing power help the global fight against climate change and contribute to net-zero goals? These are the top three ways AI can help.

Sri Lanka’s Worst Economic Crisis: Is There a Way Out?

Sri Lanka is in crisis. From rationing fuel to ousting leaders, the road to stability for the island nation will be bumpy and challenging.

“Companies Funding Russian War” – CREA’s 2022 Report Exposes

Fossil fuels are not only fuelling the climate crisis but are also the engine that powers the Russian war in Ukraine. By buying Russian fossil fuels, Asian companies are becoming responsible for the war atrocities in the heart of Europe.

Sustainable Flying – Can Air Travel Be Carbon Neutral?

Will sustainable flying ever arrive? The aviation industry is heavy on carbon emissions and oil. Net-zero goals and carbon capture could help.

Top Concerns of Young Filipinos and How LNG Expansion Magnifies Them

The United Nations General Assembly declared that everyone has a right to a healthy environment. But with the country's LNG developments, the hope for a healthy future for young Filipinos, especially island-dwellers, is uncertain. A climate advocate speaks about why young Filipinos should oppose LNG projects in the country.

Which Oil Companies Are Transitioning To Renewable Energy?

Oil companies and renewable energy generally aren't synonymous. Yet, today oil companies are now transitioning and investing in renewables.

Power Crisis in India – Picking up the Pieces After the Heatwave

India’s poorest communities are still reeling from the intense heatwave that recently enveloped the country. At the same time, infrastructure assets are struggling to cope with this climatic upheaval. What could be the way out?

Energy Sector in India: Coping With The 2022 Heatwave

Record breaking heatwaves in India in 2022 caused huge surges in energy use and power outages from increased loads. Drastic measures were taken that included soaring coal use.

Zero-carbon Cement: Is It Possible To Go Fossil-Fuel-Free?

Can cement truly become zero carbon? Some companies think so, with some seeing up to a 70% carbon emission reduction in the production process.

Climate Change in Australia: How Will Labour Government Address it?

Australia’s latest plans to fight climate change and transform the country into a clean energy superpower are a welcome shift after a period of frustration.

How Southeast Asia Is Faring in the EV Race

As people become more aware of climate issues, countries are starting to look towards EVs as a way to decarbonise. This has resulted in many governments pushing for measures to electrify road transport. Investors are also increasingly turning to the EV ecosystem as an attractive, long-term investment.

How Google Is Tracking Global Methane Emissions and Air Pollution

Methane emissions from natural gas are rising globally, affecting the climate. Across cities, Google is now tracking where the leaks happen.

Green Steel Makes Headway in 2022 But Is It Ready To Take Off?

It has been called the “holy grail of the steel industry”, a “precious treasure” and “our new commodity”. Green steel has generated a lot of excitement lately. But, when will we see it around us?

Germany, Japan Must Not Undermine G7 Commitment to End Fossil Fuel Finance

The G7 must show leadership to address several crises' facing energy and food security, climate and the Ukraine war. The G7 commitments must not be watered down with more empty promises.

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