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Women and the Just Energy Transition – Podcast

Energy Insights speaks with Farwa Aamer about women and the just energy transition. Farwa is the director of South Asia Initiatives at the Asia Society Policy Institute.

Indonesia to Experience a Green Jobs Boom, But Policy Changes Integral

Indonesia has ambitious plans for its green technology sector. However, to capitalise on the opportunities ahead, the country needs to make the industry more welcoming and lure its youth and experienced workforce to pursue green jobs.

Wind Energy In Indonesia: Slow Growth, Promising Future

Indonesia has a significant potential for wind energy, yet the country only has two utility-scale wind farms running. This is primarily the result of high initial investment costs and a need for more supportive regulation for development. These policies must improve to help the country capitalise on its wind energy potential and meet its decarbonisation goals.

The Difference Between Renewable And Non-renewable Sources of Energy

Renewable energy sources are gaining momentum in the global energy landscape and are expected to make up most of the new energy additions in the coming decades. Understanding how renewables differ from non-renewables is crucial to understanding this necessary transition.

Disadvantages of Non-renewable Energy Sources: A Global Challenge

The vast majority of the world's energy comes from fossil fuels. However, these non-renewable energy sources have disadvantages, ranging from economic volatility to direct environmental impacts. Renewables are an alternative that can overcome many of these challenges.

Top Wind Energy Companies in India 2024

India is aiming to triple its wind energy capacity by 2030. This will require significant growth within the wind sector and supportive government policies. The sector is on track to grow at an 8% compound annual growth rate over the next decade.

Southeast Asia’s Renewable Energy Potential and Growth Challenges – Podcast

Energy Insights speakers with Janna Smith, a researcher at Global Energy Monitor (GEM) about Southeast Asia's renewable energy potential.

Top Renewable Energy Companies in the USA Leading the Green Revolution

Renewable energy has grown significantly over the last decade in the US, and predictions show this trend will speed up in the coming years. As a result, major renewable energy companies have spread across the US energy sector.

Future of Renewable Energy in the World: Massive Growth Expected

IEA notes that almost all new clean energy capacity added in 2023 had lower generation costs than new coal and gas plants, and 75% of new solar and wind plants offered cheaper power than existing fossil fuel facilities.

Indonesia Energy Transition Outlook 2024: In Light of the JETP

Whoever holds power after Indonesia’s February elections has a chance to alter the country's future. Projects, like increased coal and gas capacity and expensive, untested technologies, should remain on paper, while solar and wind must become the priority.

Renewable Energy Growth and Plunging Costs Make the COP28 Target Possible

While the world remains off track in reducing fossil fuel emissions and limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C, the momentum behind renewable energy technologies is aiding the shift towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy system. 

Capitalism and Climate Change: A Dual Force Shaping Our Future

Capitalism drives economic growth, which has historically been reliant on fossil fuels. This has led to a rapid increase in global emissions since the Industrial Revolution. However, if consumer demand and government policy shift to support low-carbon products, capitalism can lead in fighting climate change.

COP28 Financing Highlights: Will Asia Receive Much-needed Support?

COP28 became the stage of ambitious financial pledges from governments, the private sector, MDBs and philanthropic organisations. However, experts warn that the promised financing still falls short of the actual needs and that its distribution might be too slow and ineffective.

COP28 Targets Tripling Global Renewable Energy Capacity

COP28 is underway, and the target to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030 is the main headline. For the plans not to end up as another empty promise, global leaders should work to establish the needed regulations, investments, mechanisms for equal distribution and adequate progress monitoring processes.

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