Climate Displacement in Asia Has Begun

Asia's climate displacement is already underway as extreme weather events from climate change affect the region. A swift response is a must.

Hydropower in Indian Himalayas: A Ticking Time Bomb

Hydropower in the Himalayas is a significant source of clean energy in India. Yet, large tracts of the region are unsuitable for industrial projects due to geological instability, climate change impacts on water sources and now more frequent extreme weather events.

A Push For Loss and Damage Finance at COP27

Loss and damage severely threaten the human rights of affected people, communities and future generations in vulnerable countries. Loss and damage is a climate justice issue. It is causing unprecedented human suffering around the world. This is a strong enough reason for developed countries to act, and COP27 will be the best stage to bring this to the forefront.

Environmental Issues in the Philippines and New LNG Projects

The fossil gas expansion in the Philippines, mainly fueled by SMC, is taking place amid the worsening climate and energy crisis. The move risks burdening the nation with high energy costs, unreliable supply, stranded asset risk, increased energy dependency and a devastating impact on the environment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Energy

The advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric power are long. While it is one of the largest sources of renewable energy globally, it remains divisive amongst clean energy advocates. Its place in the energy transition is still up for debate.

National Oil Companies Could Derail Carbon Targets

Although they hold significant influence, national oil companies have been among the slowest movers in the global energy transition. While a few companies have set impressive targets to reduce emissions, oil and gas exploration continues at the same pace, and production is increasing. Will their actions ever match their promises?

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality – 7 Effective Ways

There are a complex and broad array of air pollutants, which make indoor air pollution a challenging global issue to tackle. However, there are some actions we can each take to directly improve our immediate air quality, like increasing building ventilation. Additionally, increasing education on sources of air pollution will help make a societal change in the communities that most need it.

More Cities Are Banning Natural Gas In Homes: But Why?

Natural gas produces a range of pollutants associated with health issues and climate change. As a result, cities are starting to consider banning natural gas infrastructure in new buildings. So far, US cities are leading the charge, but there has been significant pushback from major natural gas companies.

Gas Prices in India: Hurting Women and the Poor

Soaring gas prices across the globe could have deadly consequences for India’s low-income households who are already struggling to afford their basic needs.

3 Ways AI Can Stop Climate Change

Can powerful AI and computing power help the global fight against climate change and contribute to net-zero goals? These are the top three ways AI can help.

Sri Lanka’s Worst Economic Crisis: Is There a Way Out?

Sri Lanka is in crisis. From rationing fuel to ousting leaders, the road to stability for the island nation will be bumpy and challenging.

“Companies Funding Russian War” – CREA’s 2022 Report Exposes

Fossil fuels are not only fuelling the climate crisis but are also the engine that powers the Russian war in Ukraine. By buying Russian fossil fuels, Asian companies are becoming responsible for the war atrocities in the heart of Europe.

Sustainable Flying – Can Air Travel Be Carbon Neutral?

Will sustainable flying ever arrive? The aviation industry is heavy on carbon emissions and oil. Net-zero goals and carbon capture could help.

Top Concerns of Young Filipinos and How LNG Expansion Magnifies Them

The United Nations General Assembly declared that everyone has a right to a healthy environment. But with the country's LNG developments, the hope for a healthy future for young Filipinos, especially island-dwellers, is uncertain. A climate advocate speaks about why young Filipinos should oppose LNG projects in the country.

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